Engagement Rings- What does yours look like?

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  1. #5521 Feb 8, 2011
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    Here yah go...


  2. Hi, Oogie Woogie, thanks for doing that. I'm new to this, so, don't really know how everything works. Thanks again =)
  3. First i wanted to say how excited I was to find this thread. All of these rings are soooo beautiful... :drool:

    I got my ring in july of 2009, so not too long ago, and got married sept 2009. My DH and I are both in the military, so we really couldn't spend too much money. I got mine at Zales, as a pre-owned. My e-ring is 1.5 tcw with three princess cut diamonds, with three round on each side, and the tapered band is .25 tcw

    I love my rings, but I must say I've always wanted an asscher cut diamond, a small Krupp would be perfect. When is the appropriate time to trade up?

    Thanks for listening!! :biggrin:


  4. What lovely rings navy lady!
  5. I've been away from tPF for quite some time now and in that time my bf proposed, I accepted and last month we finally said 'I do' in a lovely sunset beach ceremony in Malaysia! :yahoo:

    After drooling over your beautiful ring for months, I'm thrilled that I can now post a picture of the e-ring and wedding ring (not the best picture since it was snapped with my iPhone but we haven't received the official photos yet).

    E-ring: Round brilliant cut solitaire with pave diamond 4 prong setting, E colour, 1.63 carats, 3 excellents
    Wedding band: Round brilliant cut diamonds 12 pcs @ 0.25ct each = total carat weight 3.00cts approx., E colour


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  6. Congrats toiletduck!!
  7. such pretty new rings!
  8. Thank you! :biggrin:
  9. Better shots of mine. I posted it in my other thread but figured I put it here too.:P

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  10. :love:
  11. wow queen coco !! your set is gorg
  12. QueenCoco, I hope you have thought about not upgrading that beauty! :girlsigh: It is sooo beautiful and unique. Looking at those pics literally left me breathless!
  13. ^^^Thanks. I'm thinking about not upgrading...yes. I've actually decided to KEEP everything and see if DF will throw in a bigger diamond as a wedding present...lmao! Then I can have options which is really my MAIN issue....I like changing things around once in a while...(which is why I added the 5 stone....so I can stack or not based on my mood...) Now I guess I'll just focus on the wedding band.....
  14. It pains me to close this! :shucks:
    We have a policy to close threads {aside from authenticity threads} once they reach 5,000 posts. I left this open as long as I could, lots of wonderful posts in here and I hope lots more wonderful posts to come in our new one!
    New thread here.
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