Engagement Rings- What does yours look like?

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  1. I am getting engagement in the near future and my BF- soon to be fiance!- is letting me choose my ring! I can't decide what I want!!!

    I was wondering what your ring looks like!

    If you love it now as much as the day it was placed on your finger??

    If you could choose the ring of your dreams, what would you choose??
    PLEASE post pics if possible!!
    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. While he and I never made it down the aisle, I still love my ring. A very simple, classic princess cut diamond set in platinum. Hmmm. Maybe I should get rid of it and buy a nice bag...
  3. I wasn't into diamonds or jewelry, but he still did a good job! He surprised me with a round brillant Tiffany's ring on platinum. As for my wedding band I wanted something different so I got the Michael B. lace and eternity band. It's the top band, in middle of the page. :love:
  4. Mine is a marquis shaped almost 2 carats. It's set in the middle of a gold anniversary band with 4 diamonds on either side. My wedding band is identical but has the extra diamond in the middle.

    I absolutely adore my set! The bands are "thin" and really show off the diamond. Plus, I have large hands (at least I think so! :lol: ) and the rings are very flattering to my hand.

    My hubby picked it out! I told him all I wanted was a marquis shaped diamond and at least 1 carat. He did pretty good! :love:
  5. I love my ring! It is an antique ring from the early 1900s. My stone is round, but the setting is square. I know that sounds weird, but it looks amazing.
  6. I asked for a classic Tiffany style 6-prong RB solitaire in Platinum:
  7. Mine is a pear shaped diamond -3/4 of a carat (we couldn't afford a whole carat when we got engaged and I would rather have a smaller, yet, better quality stone). it is set in a simple wide-ish gold band (just had it re-set last year)
  8. Wow, lovely! :flowers:
  9. Mine is a 4.82 oval-cut Iolite (dark blueish-purple) in a six-prong gold setting. It is stunning!! (I'll post a pic later) My husband and I picked out the stone, and a jeweler friend of ours made the ring. I LOVE it! I wear it when I know I won't be doing anything rough with my hands, so I don't damage the facets of the stone.
  10. Lovely :love:

    Regarding Vintage or Vintage style rings....
    This guy is in a trade/dealer group with me, though I have never done business with him. He has amazing vintage stuff and it changes all the time.

    I also do custom work and can make anything if you don't find something you like. I've done work for a few MUA members. Just for some eye candy:

    Here are some that are not mine but interesting. Natural 12k Sapphire, 5ct diamonds

    20 ctw vintage 1940's

    it's better not to load someone else's thread w/ your own prducts
  11. We had mine made specially,by a jeweller from whom I had bought several happy pieces in the past. I am not a person for jewellery really,and definitely not for anything antique. My ring is sleek,modern,simple...almost industrial. It's in matte white gold. (contains no nickel and is not rhodium dipped).

    It is very,very special to me:biggrin: .
  12. Does anyone know of any good sites to look at non-generic engagement rings (as in, NOT bluenile.com or ice.com)?
  13. costco.com always has great ones to look at! :smile: Not sure if they're "non-generic" or not...
  14. Mine is a 1 carat round solitaire set in a 6 prong setting with a thin 14k yellow gold band and my wedding band is a medium width plain 14k yellow gold band. My diamond has a lot of paperwork with it, and an insurance policy. We picked the highest quality diamond the jewelry store had. It is amazing the price difference for the best quality stones. I adore my rings!
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