Endless.com - New website??

  1. I just saw an advertisement for this website in the December issue of Lucky mag. Has anyone ever heard of them before? I looked at the site and it looks pretty great - FREE overnight shipping, FREE Return Shipping, 110% Price Guarantee and FREE 365-day Returns. Lots of great brands - many of them on sale!

    Check it out: http://www.endless.com/homepage/ref=topnav_gw_b

    p.s. just noticed that there's a promotion going on right now - They will pay you $5 for overnight shipping!! (you heard that right!!)
  2. If you search, you cam find several threads about endless.com in Deals & Steals and in this forum. It's been around for months in "beta", I've bought shoes from there twice. Returns aren't quite as easy as Zappos.
  3. I bought two shoes from them. Returned both with no problems. The negative $5 overnight shipping is awesome. :tup:
  4. I've bought and returned shoes from them with no hassles. Very similar to Zappos...less selection, but much better sale prices.
  5. I bought an HH bag from endless but returned it due to a major scratch. They are run my Amazon and much of their stock is the same. If you see something on endless you like I recommend checking Amazon as well because sometimes the same bag has a substantially lower price at amazon (even given the differences in shipping and return costs).
  6. This site has been around for at least 6 months or so. It's like Amazon's version of Zappos.com.
  7. Amazon seems to be taking some of its inventory from Endless. Many times I've seen the same purse on sale on Amazon and Endless but the price is always about 30 percent lower on Amazon. So if you see something you like on Endless search for it on Amazon and see if you can get a better deal.
  8. I've used endless about 3 times, and I've had good experiences all three times. The -$5 shipping is GREAT and returns are super easy.