Enchant dragonfly - help to identify?


Apr 29, 2020
Hi all,
Maybe someone can help me to identify this model?
I am a bit confused about this one. This is definitely older version of the Enchant Dragonfly brooch: it is bigger than medium model and smaller than the current large model (see pics attached against the ruler). Wings tip to tip are almost 4 cm (newer model about 48 mm, medium model is about 3 cm).
Anyone knows when Tiffany changed the model? Any rough idea of the specs? Currently I don't have scales to measure exact weight and even nowhere to buy them :sad: I ordered but it's still on the way for 1 month+..
So I would really appreciate help of someone who knows a bit of history!
IMG_20200526_113750.jpg IMG_20200526_113813.jpg