Enabler, thy name is offspring


Ballantyne Barbie
Sep 11, 2007
the Queen City
So I'm on my weekly trip to Target with my boys this morning, and as we're strolling past the accessories department, my three year old says "Mommy! You don't have that purse or that purse or that purse!" I said to him no, I don't, and he says "Don't you want to go buy them?" I almost spit out my coffee - the kid is learning early! He's not enabling MJ yet, but he *is* only 3 1/2 - I have plenty of time to teach him :tup:


Sep 9, 2006
that is the cutest story i've heard in a long time. i want my son to be just like yours when i have one. hey, if my husband won't enable me, then i'll train another member of the family to just in case i can't be around the computer to talk to you guys. :P