enable me...i need help finding...

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  1. I NEED a new bag!
    I would really love a medium mitzy hobo (rn, black, or oak) or a (black or choc) bayswater. (obviously in as new lush condition as possible)
    No sooner do i find what i want it'll have gone, or its a fake!

    please help girls xxx
  2. Careful it doesn't turn into a WTB - its borderline
  3. Kelly, I think with the classics, you have to resign yourself to the fact that you are going to have to pay full price for a lovely new one, or buy a pre loved that you have authenticated.

    If paying full price, go and make a special day of it, and hand pick the bag of your dreams. Also, call the outlets as you may get lucky there too.

    The perfect bag is out there for you!
  4. Keep an eye on the trusted sellers kelly. I got an oak mitzy messenger recently from a trusted seller.
  5. On the "introduce yourself" thread Hula mentioned she saw an rn mitzy messenger yesterday. Any use?
  6. Bicester had a choc Bays on Friday. No cloche though
  7. did they still have that blue/green ostitch mitzy?
  8. there is a turquoise ostrich on ebay at the moment i think but not sure if authenticate may need to get it authenticated.

    good luck
  9. It was there Friday but gone by Sunday when I went back in
  10. oh thats good i have been lutsing after that bag!! realistically though it would have been to big for me!