Empriente Tote Or Maxhina XS???!!! Please Help! :)

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  1. Hi Guys,

    For my next leather LV bag I was thinking of getting the empriente tote because it has a strap and can be carried multiple ways which I like. But I really like the Mahina XS and that was one of my dream bags and still is. Is it discontinued?, from looking at the LV website it looks that way). While in Paris this past summer I bought my very first LV's and have started my collection (It is pretty small at the moment though)!:yahoo: I bought a Mahina L in Noir and a Damier Ebene Speedy!:cloud9: Which would you choose the Mahina XS or the Empriente Tote? Based on what I already have in my collection. For the Mahina XS which color would you choose? TIA for any opinions, ideas or suggestions you can give me!:flowers:
  2. empriente
  3. Empreinte
  4. Empreinte. It's so gorgeous :love:
  5. I would get the mahina XS.
  6. Empreinte. :love:
  7. Empreinte
  8. Empreinte
  9. empreinte to diversify your collection.
  10. Empreinte since you already have a Mahina.
  11. Empreinte...I think the Mahina XS would be too small
  12. ^^I agree. Also, is the Empreinte line limited? If so, that would definitely make it worth your while =].
  13. Mahina! You can never have too much mahina! (I have two and I would love to get more...)
  14. Love the mahina leather. Why don't wait to see the empriente leather before making a decision?
  15. I'd wait to see Empriente IRL then make a decision. When you see it, you may really love it or know then that you want Mahina. Personally, I'd choose Mahina.