Emp Speedy or Artsy

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  1. I just purchased the NM Speedy 25 in Noir. I am a little worried about the gold lettering wearing off since they are already wearing off the clochette. I have the Artsy in monogram and it is my favorite bag. I have two Speedy 30 bags, one mono and one DE. I do like the strap on the Noir Speedy. I am just wondering if I should exchange it for the Noir Artsy. Thoughts?
  2. Are your other speedy bags the bandouliere versions? If you need a long shoulder strap or crossbody because you find it more practical, I'd stick with the speedy. If you want something different and don't mind having a shoulder/hand carry bag, I'd go with the artsy.
  3. My Speedy bags are not bandouliere. I love my Artsy, but the speedy 25 just looks so cute and classy. I am so torn!
  4. If you originally bought the empreinte speedy, I think I would stick with it. Since you already own the artsy and speedy, it might be useful to have a crossbody bag too
  5. Is there anything you particularly dislike about the speedy empreinte 25? Or just that the lettering is already fading
  6. I don't like the fading and it's also off center.
  7. I read the artsy leather is very hard. Good luck to decide. From the style I love the artsy more, but I found also the canvas (I have azur) hurts my shoulder a little bit when I carry it a little time. But I think I am sensitive there.
  8. I have an Empreinte Speedy 30 the old version and I love it it- not a big fan of the new one. I also own 3 Empreinte Arsty and the leather is a bit stiff in the beginning but softens over time. I'm also pretty short and I can carry my artsy on my shoulder. Go with what you love and if all else fails you can always get another bag! :smile:

  9. I have the mono Artsy and I always carry it on my shoulder. It is my favorite bag! I wish I could find the old empreinte Speedy in a store.
  10. I don't own a speedy but I do have the artsy in noir emp. I LOVE it, but it can be a somewhat heavy bag because of the leather, and I find the handle somewhat hard, but I think it just needs some breaking in (purchased in March of this year). Its such a beautiful bag, I love the smell of the emp leather haha!
  11. I ended up getting the Bagatelle!
  12. I just picked up my NM speedy 25 in noir today and was very critical of it before purchasing from reading all the posts on here about issues. Interestingly my clochette doesn't have any gold lettering, it's just stamped with Louis Vuitton so no need to worry about the lettering coming off on that piece.

    I have an empriente artsy in terre and while it's beautiful, it is so unbelievably heavy. The handle is comfy but after awhile it just digs into my shoulder because of weight.