Emily's Cartier Love Bracelet!

  1. I'm kicking myself that I spent $175 on my Tai bracelet. I saw exact copies at Kohls for $19.99 less 30%. You totally can't tell that it is not a real Tai one.
  2. I read in the People article that Brad bought her a Cartier bracelet to appease her while the show was airing, maybe it is the gold love that she is wearing in the photospread?
  3. Gilt sales are a very dangerous place! I'm trying not to get sidetracked with small purchases so I can save up for one big one! :biggrin:

    Thanks kbella! I wonder why these beads are so popular all of a sudden??

    Don't worry hokaplan - yours is original The Kohl's ones are knock-offs and will probably break after a day or two of wear :p
  4. Dont feel bad, I bought one from the NM website, and paid $195.00, you paid $175.00 for it!
    But it is really pretty, and the knock off cant look as nice;)
  5. Yes, I exaggerate a little. My $175 one is definitely prettier and of better quality than the Kohls ones. But from a distance, the Kohls Tai-styled bracelets look pretty good!
  6. i'm obsessed with my tai bracelets! i think they are so pretty! i just keep going back for more...enjoy your real tai bracelet! the fake ones won't be as durable
  7. I have a Tai bracelet too, mine is made from real turquoise with one sparkly bead at the front and I absolutely love it, it is a really nice weight too because of the stone! The quality is really beautiful, don't feel bad about spending the extra on the real thing :smile:

    Here are a few pictures of mine




    Perhaps we should have a Tai thread, there seem to be quite a few girls with them on here now :graucho:
  8. I saw Emily on the cover of People magazine at the grocery store last night (yes, Saturday night, exciting life, huh?) and she had two YG Love bracelets, one with diamonds and one plain.
  9. miss-mabel...i love your tai bracelet too! i just got the turquoise with three sparkly balls:smile: i love it as well! it's so nice and heavy too! that makes four for me:smile: i think we should start a thread on it as well
  10. Very pretty!
  11. It's definitely a love bracelet in that picture! The watch is Rolex I believe
  12. LOVE this!!

    Yes.....let's start a thread. These are really pretty.
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  14. dug up the picture from the People magazine