Emilie or Josephine?

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  1. Hey TPF girls

    I want a new wallet and here my choices, Emilie vs Josephine

    I need the slim one and versatile.

    Josephine with the small removable slot rocks me, but I like Emilie's pattern.
  2. Emilie
  3. I have the Josephine...I havent put it down since i got it.Its AMAZING~
  4. Josephine! It's got 3 bill pockets + 1 removable pouch. I think Emilie has 2 bill pockets and 1 zipped compartment.
  5. Another vote for Josephine--because of the removable coin purse. It's a nice feature-two for one.
  6. I'm on waitlist for josephine in red...:sad:
  7. I have the Emilie in red and love it. The Josephine is nice - but the three-fold would drive me nuts long-term.
  8. Emilie also has 3 bill pockets and 1 zipped compartment. i took my Emilie back to LV today thinking maybe i'd exchange it to Josephine... but i couldn't do it, i think the tri-fold would drive me nuts. i still think Sarah wallets are the BEST LV ever made and Emilie is so similar....

    i'm gonna start using my Emile next week!! LOL
  9. Emilie!
  10. Josephine!
  11. I like both wallets a lot, I like the way the emilie looks but I really like the functionality of the Josephine, I like that you can take out the coin purse. Hard choice, but I'd go for the josephine. Good luck with your decision!
  12. Josephine
  13. Josephine gets my vote :biggrin:
  14. Seem Josephine gets more votes, finally I must drive in town to LV shop.

    Need more opinions, girls.
  15. I prefer how the Josephine looks.