emergency Birkin on the floor

  1. Girls there is a 30cm vermillion birkin on the floor right now at madison ave! I'm going to try to make it there now but if anyone is close by go grab it! Gold hardware and goat skin!
  2. That IS an emergency! I hope one of the lovely TPF ladies gets it!!!
  3. Thanks for sharing, Bagg!!:flowers: Ladies, if you're heading there, be careful!!!:roflmfao: Obey all traffic rules!!:jammin:
  4. i am ssoooo jealous! i hope somebody gets it!
  5. I wish I were there. Hopefully somebody grabs it.
  6. Oh gosh - bagg are you getting it? I'd love to get this bag.
  7. Go get it!!!
  8. Go Baggs go, I'm cheering for you, grab it quick!
  9. wow vermillion chevre!! that's TDF!! hopefully someone gets it!!!
  10. run bagg run!
  11. Crossing my fingers...it can be yours!!! Will it be? You need to move in before shopmom relocates.
  12. Someone Get This Bag!!!
  13. Oh gosh.. I hope you will get her Bagg!!

    Let us know..
  14. Ok, any news?? The suspense is killing me ...
  15. Arrgggg! It was gone when I got to madison and 54th, at least I know now that my sa is helplessly devoted to me! Maybe next time. I hope one of you ladies got it