emerald day?

  1. as you may be aware, i am lusting after a day bag because the size and the slouchiness are just so yummy...

    lvlady99 has a gorgeous and yummy emerald day on eBay that i'm eyeing very seriously and i wanted to get your opinion. is it a nice color? i wear a lot of neutrals, but occasionally wear bright colors and want something that'll look nice. at the same time, though, i don't really care wether my clothes and my bag match.

    any advice/opinions are appreciated! =)
  2. Very nice bag...matches blacks and browns. Very rich color, and the Day is just fantastic!
  3. Gorgeous colour, I was nearly going to get my first bbag in emerald, but opted for Navy...

    I say GO FOR IT, and she is a great seller too - I got my Rouge VIF City from her... and was thrilled with it!
  4. Emerald is a wonderful color! My Emerald Courier goes with nearly everything in my wardorbe - the color's bright and snappy without shouting. It really adds pizzaz to neutrals by bringing them out without overwhelming them.

    The Day's fabulous - go for it!!!!!!
  5. it's a gorgeous color and goes with most other colors...so i say, go for it! :smile:
  6. It's a nice color, I say go for it!
  7. it's a beautiful color - I was torn between that and the blueberry last fall. I found a great deal on the blueberry, but I feel sort of wistful about the emerald. Get it!
  8. i did end up getting a beautiful emerald day from a TPF member, so i'm really looking forward to that; should have it by the end of the week, i hope!

  9. :yahoo: Congrats gen!!!:yahoo: The color is sooo pretty and matches so much!!! I have this color in the courier and it is really beautiful~ even more beautiful IRL!!!!:love: