Emerald Courier Bag!

  1. wow, i've never seen the courier in emerald, that's one gorgeous bag :greengrin:
  2. The seller is in my city, weird. I have NEVER seen a real Balenciaga on a person here, although a woman walked down my street with a Dior Gaucho yesterday, so weirder things have happened.

    aaa- there was one on eBay last month with a BIN of 700, and it was relisted 3 times.
  3. Pretty bag in Emerald..
  4. ohhhh zacorey wanted one of these! I'll PM her
  5. wow, i hope a PFer gets this, emerald + courier = AWESOME BAG!!! :wlae:
  6. would mrsrubie please show herself, congrats on this amazing bag :yahoo:
  7. :choochoo: Whoohoooo!!!!!!!! Yayzacorey! :party:
  8. You guys are too much!!! Thanks for your joy!!!:winkiss: Ok- now I have to stop!!! My purse ban has been totally destroyed! The last 2 minutes of the auction I begged my husband and he gave me the ok! I didn't even have time to use auction snipe!!!:lol:
  9. OMG, zacorey-girl, you got it, i'm soooooooooooooo excited for you :yahoo:
  10. Congrats zacorey!
  11. hahaha zacorey! resistance is futile!
  12. naaahh I lost it! :cry:
    but anyway, the courier I really want is the striped...and I'm getting a new City and the Chloe Gladys black 2zip.. so couldn't afford her anyways! congrats zacorey!!! :smile:
  13. zac congratulations!!! :yahoo: :wlae:
  14. mocean- I know!!!:nuts:

    agnes- I didn't know anyone else here wanted this bag! Congrats on your 2 bags!!!:yes:

    sea- thanks!!!:flowers:
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