Embroidered Audrey -- no hope?

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  1. So, I'm not a loyal Coach customer. I have these "spots" of Coach mania where I actively seek out bags and then I disappear for months. So, I've recently got back on and have purchased three new bags within the last few weeks- two Kristins and a diaper bag. Then, I saw an old posting with the Embroidered Audrey in Eggshell. OMGGGGGGG That bag is so beautiful. :nuts: It makes my Sabrina look shabby. I know I've been out of the game and from what I've researched on this forum, it seems like this was long out of stock. So, there's no hope in getting this bag huh? It's even more unlikely it would show up at the outlet either? And is it only one size (comparable to the smallest Sabrina)?
  2. The embroidered bags (Maggie and Audrey) already went to the outlet in August or July. You do see them on ebay and bonanzle, and I think some outlets may occasionally still have or get one (like from returns), but yes they are difficult to find, and I think eggshell Audrey was the most popular. YOu might consider the antique rose color-it's really pretty too.

    she only came in one size, between small and large sabrina if you're comparing.
  3. For what I have seen and read there were very few emb maggies at the outlets, some emb Audreys but in the other color which was close to pink, I think.
    I was lucky enough to find the floor model which was the last one in my store. You may wanna try eBay OP
  4. The eggshell embroidered audrey was pretty much sold out when it came out... the only hope is really if someone happened to return it or the bay/bonanz. The eggshell maggie was at the outlets