1. My wonderful husband just got me a birkin for my 30th bday. I am going to be in NY on Friday and wondered about getting my initials embossed in the bag. Do you need to make an appointment? Is there a charge? Where is the embossing normally done and what does it look like?

  2. Thanks - do you know if you have to leave the bag?

    Here is a pic - if it works:
  3. Hi! Yes, you have to leave the bag. Mine was left overnight. Luckily the craftsperson was able to do it that day along with several other peoples bags, but it was late and I had no choice but to pick it up the next day. They warn you it might take 1,2, or even 3 days depending on how backed up they are. DO IT! DO IT! It's like a little hermes secret hehe
  4. I was really surprised that they let you pick up the bag the next day - that's really efficient. I once asked them to punch a HOLE for my bracelet because it was too big on me and it took them SIX WEEKS to punch a hole and they punched it really off center. I ended up having to sell it on ebay unworn at 50% off during the holidays.
  5. NO WAY! :yucky:

    I have had holes punched in leather bracelets and belts because they were too big and both were done right in front of my face with no wait time at all. But that also could be because my store has a resident craftsman on board and there is no need to ship. She asked if I wanted my bag sent to NYC for embossing because initially I wanted the stamp in an area that her machine could not reach, but I knew it would take forever so I settled on where she could do it but I love it there anyway so it all worked out. Where do you live, Kou?
  6. I lived in California and my ex-SA said that my bracelet was sent to another store to be done so I don't know what happened. I was really unpleasantly surprised because I was expecting the extra hole to be at least aligned. Of course, wimpy me was too much of a pushover to point that out at the time.
  7. I'm so crazy, I exchanged 3 Vuitton items once until they got it right.
    #1- Scratches on gold hardware on a brand new black murakami speedy from the rodeo store. Had to exchange that twice because the 1st and 2nd time the hardware had scratches.
    #2- Scratches on suhali le tal bag hardware and leather. minor, but enough that i noticed. had to exchange it.
    #3- red satin balmoral pumps had scratches on the patent leather heel. since those were completely, woefully sold out they couldnt exchange so they shipped them to get buffed and cleaned by their shoe person for free.

    That all happened within the span of like 3 months. Anyway, my point is that YOU are the valueable customer who THEY should be intimidated by, not the other way around. dont be rude (i got kind of rude toward the end because it was so crazy and annoying to expect scratches all the time from them! i mean, its not wrong to expect immaculate merchandise, you know?) but be firm and establish that with them. i would go back to the store or call customer srvc, tell them what happened, and hopefully they will replace the bracelet for you free of charge.

    sorry for the long rant!! im just the type that sends back her soup if i find a fly in it, know what i mean?? :P
  8. That was how I was with the Chanel bag I bought from NM. I exchanged it 3 times before getting one that is "normal". I don't know why but I'm so timid when it comes to Hermes. Anyways I don't have that bracelet anymore (sold it for half price during the holidays) and the SA doesn't work there anymore. However, the experience did made me very wary about sending anything out for alterations.
  9. Oh, sorry i forgot you mentioned you sold it.
    Hermes just makes people nervous I guess!! ;) They make me nervous too! But I would still complain (i think) :P