~*Emanuel Ungaro Studded Leather Clutch in Platinum Silver*~

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  1. I know there wasn't much love at all for this clutch on TPF but I took the plunge and finally bought it after much back and forth...

    I first saw it on Fashion Toast and FELL IN LOVE with her RED one and the Black Hoodie with the Chains but the Emanuel Ungaro NY boutique didn't even carry the RED clutch and the Black Hoodie was just so pricey I wasn't sure I'd love anything angora (even with embellishments) THAT MUCH

    Fast forward to news of a huge mega sale at Emanuel Ungaro...I quickly call and am sad to hear they sold out of the Black Hoodie with Chains BUT they still have a couple of the studded leather clutches left!!! Well the Manager of the boutique somehow buy my dark silver pewter leather one the SA had on hold...wtf right LOL...but they have one left in PLATINUM SILVER Patent Leather and I'm thinking "Oh no...something too shiny/mirror like the Balenciaga Holiday 2008 Edition pieces which no one liked either..." But the SA convinces me its gorgeous and doesn't actually look tacky at all...

    Plus at 70% off for a runway Ungaro clutch...I figured, "why not?"

    Here it is, oh yah when I unwrapped it anxiously at home...it was LOVE at first sight!!! YAYYY :yahoo:

    Emanuel Ungaro Studded Leather Clutch in Platinum Silver.jpg

    Cory Ungaro and Studded Tank2.jpg

    Cory Ungaro and Studded Tank.jpg

    DC Connecticut Avenue.jpg

    I also found the Black Hoodie with Chains from the Ungaro Boutique in Paris YAYYY =)

    And the MIDDLE outfit minus the blue cardigan/sweater

    (it's a multicolor long sleeve jersey top and a multicolor ruched silk skirt) BOTH 75% off!!! :graucho:
  2. That's quite a bag, certainly the star of any outfit

    ...Oh and BTW I have one of those "Balenciaga Holiday 2008 Edition pieces which no one liked", it's one of my favourite bags :biggrin:
  3. oh noooo i didnt mean to say i didnt like them...but no one else seemed to so i was worried LOL

    i only saw them for the first time last week...some older stock at NM
  4. I like it. Congrats!
  5. super cool!! love the heavy metal!
  6. :lolots: That's alright calisnoopy, I was only teasing.

    I do have the large 'mirror' silver silver Bal - and I am also aware that most Bal ladieez do not care for it LOL.

    Before I bought the bag I did a check on the Bal Forum but then started a 'should I buy' on this general bag forum instead. Not so many people liked it here either but I still bought it!

    Which only goes to prove that if one really :love:'s a bag it doesn't matter what others think.

    Having said that - it's one of my bags that grabs most compliments when I wear it so maybe it's better out of IRL and/or out of the store.
  7. awww thanks =)

    yahhh i was worried it would be too heavy metal-ish at first but it actually isn't

    i think cos some of the studs are silver and some are dark silver? i don't know...but it didn't feel so so hard core rocker-ish to me as i had been worried about...

    very true...like i poll friends sometimes about items im considering and in the end, i know if i really love it and even if they all love it and i don't...its tempting to go with the general consensus but not when it goes against what you'd wear or feel comfortable with :smile: