Elvire Hobo...She's here and she's GORGOUES!

  1. Ok, so I went straight to my friends house as soon as she arrived and got my baby:yahoo:. Boy is she gorgoues....and MUCH MUCH softer than I ever expected....

    You have to go touch and feel this at your local store if they have it:sweatdrop:. I never would have thought that a patent leather bag could be sooooo soft and smooshy. Its the PERFECT size and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the two types of handles. The only thing is, I wish they were made detachable. But its easy to hide one or the handle becuase of how soft they are.

    all in all TOTALLY worth every penny and all the trouble:love::love::love:.

    Ok girls....this has to be my last bag for a LONG LONG time.....I SHALL NOT BE TEMPTED!
    DSC02934.JPG DSC02935.JPG
  2. Oh Mona, congratulations! :woohoo: She's beautiful! So glad you love her. I want to fly right over there and feel the smooshiness!

    Love the shine and LOVE the size. You look awesome wearing her! :heart:

  3. Absolutely Gorgeous Mona:drool:!!!!!! Now I think I need a patent bag tooo:girlsigh:...
    So wonderful to have found a bag that satiates the need for more! I hope I can do that soon before DH sends me and my bags out...lol:push::sweatdrop:! Congrats:tup:
  4. Mona...the suppleness of the patent just shines through! Wow...utter smooth perfection :smile: Looks great on you!!
  5. Looks AMAZING, congratulations.
  6. Elvires always fascinate me... they don't make me go 'beautiful!' but they don't disgust me either... they really catch the eye and keep it there while you search for a proper adjective to describe what you're seeing. Sort of like what i'm doing now.

    I think i'll stick with fascinating :smile:.

    Meanwhile I'm also surprised that patent could be so soft too... i'm going based on the patent paddy I saw recently, it was absolutly heavenly for patent.
  7. Congratulations!! Beautiful bag, love this bag in patent. I tried this bag in Moka and like you said, love the option of the 2 handles, but the Moka just didn't do it for me in this style. If I didn't already have 2 patent bags, I just might go for this one in patent.
    Looks like a winner!!
  8. WOW!!! Congratulations!!!! That bag is beautiful, you will have it forever! I love love love the studs and then the patent & being able to carry it as a messenger!?! A real beauty! :smile:
  9. thanx everyone...I can't wait to wear it.....

    I do love the fact that its a funky patent bag so I can just throw it on (even when I have my kids with me) with jeans and it'll still look fabulous....
  10. What a fun bag, what a terrific purchase. I like this purse because it's so different (in true Chloe style). Isn't it great to shake things up and go for an alternative look?

    I think I agree with Ilson, the black is probably the best for this type of bag. Since I've never seen the Elvira hobo IRL, I can't make this assertion with entire certainty however that's how the pictures play out for me?

    Mona I've been anxious to see your model shots and they do not disappoint. Thank you for posting so quickly! AND good luck with your BAN, LOL!!
  11. Wow, gorgeous! i love it!

    I have a couple of patent bags (a spy and a dome paddington) and I love wearing them. You'll be amazed at how versatile patent can be, and these bags make any outfit look extra cool.

    Congrats and enjoy!!

  12. KMSNYC please can we see your Dome Patent Paddy modeled? If you already posted pics forgive me. I'd love to see that bag on you!:p
  13. Mona, gorgeous patent! I really think my next Chloe will be in patent leather and seeing pics like yours just convinces me even more.

    You on a ban, eh? Hmmm...good luck with that! :graucho:
  14. Good luck on the ban mona! With chloe..i think a ban is an impossibility!:graucho:That's a beautiful patent elvire! Mabrook!
  15. Ok Gals...I need support on the ban becuase I have nothing else I wanna sell to fund new purchases. In the meantime I will work very hard to find you all great deals....