Eluxury took away my speedy!

  1. Thursday I placed a Damier speedy 30 in my shopping cart on e-luxury so I could back and purchase it today. Now it says they are sold out. How can they take it out of my shopping cart without asking first? I thought it would stay there until I took it out or ordered it. I kept updating it Friday just to be sure it was still there. I'm pretty disappointed. They have the 25 in stock, but I want the 30. Is this common practice for them? Aaaaaargh!!!:blah:
  2. Yep, I think they leave the item in the shopping cart for a few hours only. I had experienced the same thing when I had placed the Duomo in my cart. They should be getting more stock in soon though, they're pretty quick about it.
  3. Yeah..they only save it for a certain amount of time. If they let everyone have items in their cart for an unlimited amount of time they'd never have anything left on the site lol.
  4. I love that they only save items in peoples cart for a short amount of time, it actually gives other people who are serious about buying right then and there the opportunity to buy. I have read on too many forms where little 16yr olds go around making these false wish lists with hundreds of items from eluxury and have them sitting in there cart--doing nothing. When there very well could be someone out there wanting to buy the same item, but cant because its show as out of stock...when its sitting in someones cart who has no intent on buying, but rather creating a "wish list" blah.
  5. Speedy 30 in Damier is back in stock.
  6. Yah, if they didn't remove the items then all these people who "hold" all these items in their carts, keeping stock from people ready to buy. And I don't think Eluxury NEEDS to get your permission to do anything, it's their stock and their site.
  7. Until you give them the credit card number they can do what they want with products. I like to put things in my cart and compare but I know this doesn't mean they are holding it for me. They would never make any money if they did that.
  8. Yeah, I don't think having it in your cart means you have any claim to it unfortunately. So, unfortunately unless you check it out it's not yours and anyone can buy it. The good news is that with a Speedy 30, it'll be back in stock soon. Wayyyy to popular for them to not keep stocked. Just be patient, it'll be back and then it can be all yours :smile:
  9. It's back now.


    And what happened with eluxury is common practice for a lot of retail stores. You can't put something on hold and expect them to hold it until you're ready to pay for it. Stores don't call you to tell you they're taking something off hold for you so eluxury doesnt have to ask your permission.

    get it now =) you'll love it
  10. I guess what I was trying to convey was that I thought it would still be in my cart just a few hours later. I sure don't want people stockpiling lvs and not buying them. That's not good for any of us! So, forgive me if I came off a little bratty. I sure didn't mean to. :shame: But, I will be getting the bag anyway, so it all works out in the end!