Eluxury refund-- But not full amount?

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  1. So I sent my Azur Speedy 30 back with the box tags, lock and dustbag.

    Everythnig was included.

    I checked my credit card statement and they only refunded me $612 instead of $620- What I paid for it?

    Why is that?
  2. I am not sure why. But try calling them.
  3. Did they send you a pre-paid Fedex shipping label via email? If you used their pre-paid shipping label (and you're not a "VIP"), they'll charge you $8 for the return shipping, which is deducted from your refund. HTH.
  4. return shipping.
  5. That was the cost of the return shipping.
  6. I suspect it was the shipping cost.
  7. Yep, probably shipping, but call and ask.
  8. yup, should be shipping :yes: Their FAQs state " If you are not delighted with your purchase or gift, return the unused item in its original condition within 60 days for a full refund, less shipping costs"
  9. Had to be the shipping that has happened to me before with them:yes:
  10. Yep,
    unless you are a Eluxury VIP member,
    you will be charged for shipping when you make a return.
  11. Yes, definately shipping. They charge unless you are VIP.
  12. What? That doesn't make sense. You should get a full refund