eluxury has LV perforated

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  1. Superbaby - Correct, that one only comes in orange. The Musette comes in all three colors, so I wonder why they decided on orange only for the Demi Lune...
    I would have picked orange anyway. It's sort of a red/orange. I hope I don't have to wait too long for this bag.
    What color Speedy did you get?
  2. fushia speedy and a matching fuschia pochette :biggrin:

    I am thinking about getting the demi lune too... :huh:
  3. ^^^oo the demi lune is beautiful :biggrin:
  4. yeah... i am thinking about the demi lune too... :love:

    Not sure if i will like the orange though.
  5. ROTL!! That was so cute. :lol:
  6. hahaha that's how i feel right now....I NEED TO SLEEP MORE!
  7. Superbaby - It's a nice orange. sort of red/orange.

    I've been on the Boston LV waiting list and I called and asked them how long the list was and where I was on it and they told me they weren't allowed to tell customers where they are on the list?

    I said "ok", but didn't really like the answer, so I called the lv 800 number and asked if there were any Demi Lune's in the country that I could have shipped to me. They researched and called me back in like 15 minutes. I'm getting the bag on Wednesday - shipped to my house.

    Also, LV in Boston told me the price was $1600. Well, it's not, it's only $1430, so they were $170 off on the price.

    This is my first waiting list experience so what I've learned is that if you ask to be on a list for a bag, they SA does not actively track down a bag for you. All they do is put you on the list for that particular store. You're better off calling 866-vuitton and asking for them to ship you a bag from wherever they can find one.

    Now I know.