eluxury has LV perforated


Nov 28, 2005
eluxury now has almost the entire line of perforted bags and accessories if anyone's interested

wasn't aware that the lining under the perforation was microfiber......yuck

i was excited when i saw runway images of this but not so much nemore........definitely not for me
I saw the speedy yesterday. I almost purchased until someone in the store pointed out that it looked like a small dog carrier. She's kinda right, the side of the bag that has a small pocket looks like the part that you roll up so the dog can get air.
I do think its just too cute and fun! I can't wait to get mine! Should be here soon!!! My Aunt bought the orange speedy...not too crazy about the orange, but I really like the pink!! Elux got the pics up fast!
sorry ladies.......looks like the speedy has now sold out

but i did get a call from my ever so lovely SA saying that they had the perforated bags in stock and that i should come down and take a peek....so if u feel liek this is a must have definitely head down to ur LV stores soon
I'm not really a fan of perforated handbags, but I think this Versace is much nicer than any of the LVs.

It is on www.eluxury.com for $1,450 if anyone is interested.
I really think that they look like a lot of fun. But then I was just thinking... Remember there was this post about how Marc Jacobs was running out of ideas. Doesn't this remind you of his line of perforated bags?