eluxury has LV perforated

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  1. Jane- your KS wallet looks very elegant! I think that is the ONLY perforated item that I like so far.
  2. I really like the perforated line... Its so cute. Elux has sold out on it by the time i get to the website.. :sad:
  3. I love them all. I was at the LV store on Monday, which was the day they came in. They are really nice in person. I don't think the pictures do them justice. I liked the Speedy, which was what was available to buy, but preferred the Demi Lune. I had them add me to the waiting list. They were on Eluxury for about an hour, but now they are gone. Some people may not like them, but I'll tell you when was there they were getting a lot of attention and positive feedback. The Speedy and Pochettes were available for sale. The other three are waitlisted (Demi Lune, Musette & Mini Trocadero). You have see them to appreciate them and also consider what they are. They are a fun spring/summer lightweight bag. They are not the bag you buy if you can only have one LV. If you're a collector, it's a must have. I can't wait to get mine. I hope it's soon. They're on ebay but for much higher prices than retail.
    Speedy - $1210
    Musette - $1710
    Demi Lune - $1600
    Pochette - $540
    Mini Troc - ???? (maybe someone else knows the retail on this one?)
  4. I do not like those bags, they look awful IMO :cry:
  5. are these monogram perfo range going to be permanent or limited ?
  6. Limited Edition.
    The Monogram Suede bags are a permanent collection, but the Perfo bags are 2006 only.
  7. DenimBaggy - I see we both have the Baggy PM. Don't you love it?
  8. I like the perfo line. My fav is the green...I had the pochette in my eluxury cart yesterday morning, but took too long to decide and now they are all sold out :sad:
  9. Am I the only one thinking that MJ can't keep his purse lines straight? He gos from his line and melds into the LV line and vice versa? Perforated MJ's now perforated LV's? Why does one have to follow another?
  10. I really think MJ is going :wacko: lately and had LV and MJ all mix up.I found this miss Marc top on NAP the other day, it will go well the the Miss Marc bag LOL or maybe the New LV perf! Isn't that just cute!:lol: [​IMG]
  11. That is hilarious and adorable! Are you sure it isn't a self-portrait MJ did?
  12. I certainly like the Versace moreso than the perforated LV. The Versace would make an excellent spring/summer bag.
  13. That's how I used to look in college after pulling all-nighters studying for finals! "more....c-c-c-coffee....."
  14. yes i love it very much :amuse:....coz this bag is very diffrent from my other bags
  15. I like the demi lune too. I bought the speedys and pochette but might be considering the demi lune..

    Baglady14, the demi lune only comes in orange, right? They dont make it in fuschia? Correct me if i am wrong.