elux, that's NOT funny!

  1. Under the men's LV bag section, Glace is listed as an option :nuts: But if you click on it, the only thing there is pair of Cavalli sunglasses :cursing: Why oh why must they torture me?


    (if you go to the main page you can see a pic of a Glace briefcase when you scroll over it: http://www.eluxury.com/brands/louis_vuitton/w05/collection.jhtml?SectionID=6000&CategoryID=3002&SubCategoryID=3024&pageNum=1 )
  2. I clicked on that too!!! I was really sad after it took me to the Cavalli sunglasses!!! I want me some Glac[FONT=&quot]é!!![/FONT]
  3. They do that a lot. Sometimes they'll show pictures of discontinued vernis colors or something, then when you click on it, only the current colors are there.
  4. ^^ I know exactly what Rebeca is referring to. Very annoying!
  5. That is annoying!!! :cursing:
  6. I noticed that this morning! :p
  7. thats funny someone should write and email