1. Any thoughts on this bag? I have always thought it is a classic LV and am thinking about getting the MM size in this. Which do you prefer - MM or PM? Feedback appreciated.
  2. I have the PM and it IS one of the classiest, most-unique designs that LV has ever made IMO

    Depends on how much you carry on a daily basis...
  3. It is sweet in the PM. I heard that it was being discontinued but ELUX has it now. Have you heard the same?
  4. ^^My SA said he thinks they may be discontinued. No new shipments in the last few months.
  5. I know when my mom wanted one the SA said they were being discontinued. They only had one in the store.
  6. Addy - would a blackberry, koala wallet, new LE cles and mini pochette fit comfortably in the pm? What do you think of the MM. Thanks!
  7. I have a PM and I think it one of the most classic, recognizable as a LV like a Speedy is known as a LV. I hope it is not discontinued.
  8. I like it in the MM best. I'm a big bag kinda girl though..so I always choose the bigger size.
  9. This bag is growing on me, I like it more and more! I find it very classy and unique and PM is soooooo cute!! :girlsigh:
  10. I think it would. The MM is also a great size for daily use. :yes:
  11. I carry so much and the PM holds everything that I need for daily use. It is such a cute bag. It was my first LV and it will always have a special place in my collection.
  12. here is another of my ellipse.
  13. I love the unique and classic shape of this bag. It holds quite a bit too! :yes:
  14. I love my Ellipse MM. I've had both the PM and now MM size and prefer the MM. I still get compliments on the bag due to its unique shape and design. The Ellipse will remain one of LV's classics.