Ellipse PM the newest

  1. I think the second is the newest. The seller says its from 2004. I believe the first Ellipse was made in 2001.
  2. I think #1 is in better condition.
  3. #1 is def. has less patina. I think #2 is older (or has been used more).
  4. The handles on the first bag are dirty. If it were me, I would buy the 2nd one. More patina, but the handles are nicer. I know there's a little scrape on a bit of the piping, but dirty handles bug me!
  5. Uhmmmm... i generally prefer the first one, but i don't like dark handles (i don't believe that dirty can be erased by a cleaner) :Push:

    the second one is also in good condition, but...
    the first has also the shiny padlock, the second not...:hrmm:
    :wonderingi could buy the second and change the pad..what do u think?
  6. How badly do you need it? Maybe you should wait and see what else comes up.:idea:
  7. That's right, but one seller (Rebeccalou) has put that bag in auction after my reminder :cry: now she think I wanna buy Ellipse from her..:oh:
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