Ellipse PM for mom. What do you think?

  1. Hi everyone, my lovely mother's birthday is this coming Saturday, and I just wanted to get your opinions on her gift. I decided on an Ellipse PM a while back, and just picked it up earlier this week. I thought the classic and beautiful design would be fitting for a woman in her 40's, and she has commented on liking this shape (she described it as a seashell) before.
    My other thought was to get the Batignolles, probably in horizontal, since it is a great price and very functional. Do you think the Ellipse PM is worth the price??? It came out to just over $1000 with tax, and now that I am looking at it I am worried that it may be too small??
    She does seem to prefer handheld styles of bags over shoulder bags though, the only shoulder bags she has carried in the past year are the Fendi Zucca spy, a black ferragamo, and her all-time fave black le fab :drool:(but this one is only pulled out on special occasions).
    Although she doesn't have much in monogram (alma, papillon 30 are the ones I can remember off the top of my head) i'm sure she would appreciate another mono canvas because she knows it will always be in style and match everything. Is this style too "young" in appearance? I do think it is pretty but it never appealed to me too much as something for my own collection (i'm 22).
    I'm assuming from her other bags (epi soufflot in black, red l'epanoui PM, damier papillon, etc.) that she is more into the "roundish" shapes versus ones with hard edges or too much structure.
    Basically I just want her to be happy with my choice, I know she will be pleased regardless because it's the thought that counts.... so PLEASE let me know if I am doing the right thing! I tried to give an idea of her style preferences, so that if you have any other suggestions that would be in stock regularly at an LV boutique so I can exchange, please speak up!!
    (She likes classic styles, so no multicolores or LE bags for her, sorry!)
  2. Sounds like a great gift!
    I really think she'll enjoy it..I think it's a very classic style...
  3. I think you have chosen a lovely gift for your mom, it's a unique shape and a classic - go for it! Should she find it small, you two could go together and exchange it for a bigger bag later, but I think she'll love it!
  4. I think you picked the right choice, it's a great bag and VERY functional that's the reason why I got one, except in the MM size though. The good thing is she can always return it for something else, which I'm sure she won't. Here's a pic of Madonna carrying the PM.
    Madonna - Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse PM.jpg
  5. I'm a mom and I have to admit I don't like this bag at all. Reminds me of old bowling bags. How about a Speedy 30? I do like the BH too. I don't like how stiff the ellipse is either. I suppose it would be good if you need to hit someone over the head. I don't mean to be so hard on it, but she already has one kind of really structured bag (the alma). How about something a little prettier? More feminine? The speedy is great for someone in her 40s, it's handheld, can be casual, holds a lot. I'm just weighing in as a mom in her 40s.
  6. hello, i bought the ellipse as my first bag and i still love it! its so different and not much faked either.. it holds ALOT in it and its young looking and good for everyday use.. but whatever you decide, i'm sure she loves it!! :smile: good luck!
  7. The Ellipse PM is a beautiful bag. It also was my 1st LV!

    LOL, How funny...I also call it my "bowling bag". I love the shape, it is so different....that's why I bought it.
  8. I'm sure she will love it. What a wonderful daughter you are!!!
  9. I had the big one....I also called it my bowling bag! Its a gorgeous bag. I bought my mom the BH and LOVES it. 2 totally different bags. The Ellipse can be dressed up so much more than the BH IMO...both gorgeous. Im no help what so ever!!! :graucho:
  10. You are a wonderful daughter to think of your mom with an LV bag. You know, I just thought, what about an agenda? I know it's not a bag, but my daughter (who's in college) bought me one and I just love it!
  11. I think that it is such a wonderful gift and your mother will love it! The only other bag that popped into my head was the Alma, but the Ellipse has such a unique shape to it!
  12. I vote for the Ellipse as well, especially since your Mom has already commented on it (the shell shape) and likes hand-held bags. My Mom has the BH and LOVES it, but she is more of a shoulder-bag person. If you do switch to the BH, perhaps get the Mini Ellipse which she could use as a wristlet or for an evening out.

    I do think once I figure out which shoulder-bag I want, that my next handheld will be the Ellipse.
  13. You're such a sweet child to have and I'm sure your mom will love it!
  14. Okay ladies, thanks for all the replies!! I think I will keep the Ellipse although I do have until Monday to decide, which is when i'm taking her to dinner. I know someone recommended speedy earlier, and it is a GREAT bag but she just never seemed to like that style. The BH is probably a close second though!
    Thanks for the picture of Madonna, it doesn't look so small when she holds it (My mom is 5'4).
  15. I have and love this bag! It's adorable and isn't too small at all. I consider a small bag to be anything that doesn't fit my PTI wallet comfortably and this bag fits not only that, but all my other daily essentials as well!
    I know she'll love it too!