Elle Accessories Magazine

  1. Has anyone picked this up? It's like handbag heaven in there... But I didn't understand the photo spread of different bags w/ stuff like a raw chicken and a big ol' fish sticking out of it. I wonder who gets the bag after the shoot, lol... :amuse:
  2. i will have to cheack that out.
  3. Is the new edition out? I got one around fall/winter, but I have not seen the new one yet. Maybe it is time for a trip to the bookstore...
  4. Yep, it is the new one for Spring. There's a pic of a girl w/ a white Coach bag on the cover, and it says there's 500+ bags, shoes, etc. inside. :smile:
  5. Well, I guess we know where I will be tomorrow after class!
  6. oh very cool! I will be dropping by Border's to pick it up tomorrow!
  7. man, i've been looking everywhere for that! i loved the fall one.
  8. I love this spring's Elle's Accessories edtion. I carry it around everywhere in my Speedy.
  9. Did this just come out? I need to check it out!
  10. I saw an ad for it in the British Elle,but I don't think I'll get it...probably a glorified advertising catalogue,no?:oh: