Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream


Sep 15, 2006
i read in a magazine that a few celebrities said that they couldn't live without Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and they said they would apply the cream on their lips, faces, cheeks, cuticles, feet. i was kinda curious about the cream and decided to check it out at the department store. I asked the sales assistant if the cream is a face or body cream and her reply was exactly what the celebrities said "you could apply the cream in any part of your body". i asked her a few other questions, but it didn't help that much

...i am just rather puzzled by this.. how can u apply the same cream to your feet, body, cutilces, lips and face?? can anyone tell me what kinda cream is this?? and what does the cream actually do??

Im sori if this is a silly question :sad:


Feb 28, 2006
I just bought it.......yes the smell is weird. But it's full of good stuff for repairing the skin -can't remember you should check on reviews sites-
and I used it on some light eczema I had......it disapeared.
After taking the sun all day, as a night cream.......smooth skin on the morning.
On the lips, on the hands to protect, on my dry elbows to make them smoother
But it is only meant for occasionnal use as it's super heavy it's like wax !!
some people use it on their lids to make them shine (?)-> to each her own !
so far so good, good investment !
repair, rehydrates, protects <- that's what it does !


Dec 13, 2005
Its smells yucky! Like something medical!

I have to say I think its too heavy to put on the face. I undersand why it would be good to use on elbows and feet...but whats wrong qith good ol' vaseline? Its similar goopyness wise and better smelling.

I have an unused tube in my closet. I think its a smelly over hyped product.


Its still me...
Mar 4, 2006
I love it! It does have a funny consistency/smell and at first I was like what the hell??

But it works for me - it is great on lips, for spots, on eyebrows, cuticles. It is also fab for insect bites, heat rash and burns. I couldn't live without it but like many products I guess it won't work for everyone!:yes:
Nov 9, 2006
I heard so much hype about it that I finally bought some about a year ago but I think it really stinks:yucky: and although I've tried it on a few areas (dry skin, hands, lips etc), it usually just sits in the cupboard - still not sure if it lives up to it's reputation.


Mar 24, 2011
Hey girls. I wanted to know more about the 8 hours cream, how it function, etc. I purchased it recently and I just used it as a lip balm. I hope there's someone out there to tell me more about it usage. Thank you in advance! :smile:
Sep 25, 2008
AFAIK this is one of those all-around products and people use it as they see fit. I use it as a highlighter/luminizer/glosser - a little on my upper cheekbones, browbone etc., just a very small amount to give a little glow. I also use it as lipgloss occasionally.