1. so i saw the new ones with the patent trim and im tempted! anyone see one in real life? how about how it holds up in rainy weather? i usually carry these bags with me to class (bad idea, i know but i love!)
  2. I bought one of the taupe ones. Haven't carried it yet. Check out the thread I posted on Got a Taupe Elisha. Lots of pictures.
  3. I saw both the black and taupe suede Elisa's today at Bloomingdales and they are gorgeous. I'm thinking about the black one but I don't know how the suede will hold up but I am adding this one to my wish list.
  4. I would avoid suede in rain if I were you, but maybe you could still get it and wear something else for rainy days? Think the suede with that lovely edging transforms the Elisha to a truly stunning bag:heart:
  5. Ohhhhh, I wouldn't take it out in the rain. I plan on soaking mine in Wilson's but still will not take it in the rain. I expect this is going to be a high mainenance bag to keep it looking good. I plan on using mine for more special occassions and not an everyday knock about bag.
  6. thanks! i'll have to do some thinking on this one for sure... since i'm in northern cali we get lots of rain in the winter =(