Elisha in Black Suede

  1. The Taupe/patent makes me want to break my no suede rule. It's so luscious looking. I've never tried suede since I started using Wilson's. Maybe it would really help.
  2. There are so many beautiful bags out there in suede, but I just can't bring myself to own one because, to me, it is a real dirt and dye magnet....even with a protectant on it. I am just not fond of how suede patinas itself. Sigh....beautiful Elisha, though....
  3. As a pert near certifiable suede expert (I own a ton of suede) I understand what you're saying.

    A leather bag will last you forever, only looking better the more it's broken in. A suede bag is, in my opinion, a one season bag. You use it like crazy until you're tired of it and then toss it. It definitely does get dirty after months and months of regular use and really no amount of protectant will change that.

    A leather bag can be an investment if you decide to resell down the road....a suede bag will become a fleeting memory.

    But those taupe bags are sooooo pretty! I love the Devin! :heart:
  4. When I saw the taupe and black pics before, they werent being modelled, and I thought the taupe was nicer.
    Now I have seen the black on the models shoulder, it definatley looks like the better of the two, although they are both a really nice AUTUMN (fall....hehee!) bag.
    The patent edging makes them look so classy.
    However, I think StinkerBelle is right...its a bag with a short life expentancy.
  5. You know what might be nice in that suede, a Bonnie!

    I know there are one or two of you that use your Bonnies as an everyday bag, but I think its a great size for a "going out to dinner" bag. And, as an occasional use bag, you might get two or three or more seasons use out of it in suede.
  6. wow, that's really gorgeous...
  7. It definitely is a pretty bag. Anyone else notice the silver hardware? A new twist on an "old" fave... :heart:
  8. You know, I have several pairs of UGG boots that I wear through anything and they look great. I wonder if I treated a suede bag with the UGG protectant...???
  9. Oh, I also find that black suede holds up VERY well, especially when treated. It of course doesn't show any dirt so you can get much more use out of it.

    The black suede Kooba bags probably wouldn't be a regrettable purchase at all. :yes:
  10. I love suede and own a few suede bags. I use a protectant and a suede brush on them whenever they start to look a little "used" and that seems to perk them back up.
  11. Wow--that's a stunning bag!
  12. I think I like the Elisha even more in suede than leather. But, so worried about northeast winters...