Electronic Foot File

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  1. I had a few different people recommend the emjoi file, plus they have a new model with a more powerful motor. So far I'm really really pleased, I like the in-between-toes attachment. I've always joked that I need to take a belt sander or a dremel to my feet... now I have pretty much the foot equivalent of a dremel! :graucho:
  2. I have the amope and I'm not impressed to be honest. But easier than doing it manually!
  3. let us know what you get/how it works.....im in the market...
  4. A girl I work with bought the amope and she ended up returning it. She said it was more work than just doing it by hand. She said while it took off some dead skin her feet weren't smooth they were rough. She'd still need to use a foot file to smooth them out. It left them with a course feeling to them. I was like for that much money you could have had a good pedi and not have to do any work. It basically made it a two part job for her.

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  5. Is the scholl foot file any good?