Electric Blue RH coin purse!

  1. I'm searching high and low for this little beauty. I called BNY and was told that they had already pre-sold all of their RH coinpurses in this color. I asked about a second wave or pre-ordering again and they said no. :crybaby:

    If anyone sees one in a store or knows of where I can pre-order one, PLEASE let me know.

  2. Your best bet is a Barneys NY. I would suggest calling the one in Chestnut Hill or Boston as they had all the colors last season, even Jaune and Violet when they were all presold at BalNY. They may not have them yet, but ask about being waitlisted for one. The thing with BalNY is that they only get a few and people get on the waitlists for things the day they open. I got on the waitlist for magenta and turquoise 2 hours into the first day and there's a chance I might not get one. :shrugs:
  3. Made some calls - but still looking ladies. Please keep me in mind! :flowers:
  4. Cult Status AU has one (their price is AU$395)

    Pic attached
    Coin Purse.jpg
  5. PMed you :nuts:
  6. The pic makes the EB looks like ocean or marine, doesn't it? :sweatdrop:

    Though the BG is lovely :tender:
  7. Their pics are very inaccurate of the colours, the lighting always makes them look paler/lighter
  8. is there anymore out there?

    my birthday is coming up and was thinking of asking for a coin purse as a gift from the parents......

    i've just got to own this color!
  9. I'm also looking for an EB coin purse. I'm on the waiting list at BalNY but I doubt I'm going to get one since I'm at the bottom of the list :sad:
  10. I just got a EB SGH coin from Barney's Beverly Hills. And I know they have the wallets....
  11. I'm glad you got your Coin Purse. Post pics please!
  12. Barney's Seattle has one Rh and GSH.
  13. ^^Nope, I just called and spoke with a SA. NO RH yet....
  14. Actually all the SA's I've talked to say they have GH but NO RH yet. Arg!