EGC Event - What did you buy?

  1. I waited for the EGC Event to make my purchases so that I can get the maximum gift card. :idea:

    Here's what I bought...

    -Large Black Classic Flap in Caviar with silver/hw

    -Black Petit Shopper with gold/hw

    -Chanel Wallet

    -Chanel Sunnies

    The bags and the wallet are going to be shipped to me from other locations because they didn't have any in stock.
    I'll try and post pics when I receive them next week.
  2. Yay! Good buys. I got a Beige Cerf Tote. I should have bumped up another couple of hundred dollars, though. I only got $125 card
  3. it was thinking of a jumbo patent, but the sa at my Saks store said - no, she cannot get one for me :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  4. What is EGC event?
  5. I got:

    Large Black Classic Flap in Caviar with silver/hw
    Large Beige Classic Flap in Caviar with silver/hw
    Metallic grey card case

    :yes: :yahoo: :wlae:
  6. that's Saks gift card event, you get a gift card and amount depends on how much you spend.
  7. It's where you spend a certain amount and they "reward" you a certain amount...

    spend $1000-$1999 receive $125 gift card.
  8. I just got 2 paris of earrings and they are spectacular. And I got my gift card too!
  9. Darn EGC lol, i just got my FIRST CHANEL, yeah!!! (the ones i got previously went back to the store, One is a defect, the other said Med, but it's actually JUMBO), which i've been eyeing forever!
    Med Black Lambskin Classic Flap w/gold hardware
    and antoher white paten leather i don't even know the name! lol

    I know it's crazy to get TWO Chanels as first chanel, but i did save a great deal, aside from the 450 EGC, i also got the 10% off (365) from open a Saks cc, plus i am saved from the price's almost 1K!!!!
  10. Wow!!! Good work there! That's a lot of money you saved. Such a nice way to start your Chanel collection.
  11. Designer307, I am glad to see that someone else did some damage too! I bought:
    1) Grand Shopping Tote in black caviar
    2) Petit shopper in beige caviar
    3) quilted wallet in black lambskin
    4) a Chanel keychain (Just so I could get the highest gift card amount.)

    The best part of this is that I got for 10% off because I just opened a Saks card + no tax since we don't have Saks in my state+ $450 gift card to apply toward my next Chanel purchase!
  12. I bought:

    1) black quilted ultimate soft
    2) Chanel pearls
    3) navy distressed patent timeless clutch
  13. Large Classic Flap
    Jumbo Patent Navy
    Coco Cabas (with the CC's in the front )

    Now what will WE buy with my EGC $$$$:hrmm:
  14. 255 medina-yeah!!! Seems like you got the max benefit, no tax?? wow, Great job!

    But i have a question about EGC, is 450 the max you can get? my total is 3650 prior tax, so does it mean i get 450(from3000) and 25(from500)??
    And gosh the interest rate=23%!!!Holly molly i'd have to do some trasffering balance around ^^;

    Vip-there's still CoCo's Cabas around?? is there any left in your store? what color did you get?
  15. I think you only get $450 in gift card. That is the maximum amount one can earn. Maybe if you two separate receipts, you can get more back in gift cards.