Egad! Kooba doing Canvas

  1. Did you see the Fugly new Kooba's in Canvas. Canvas must not be cheaper than leather because they still cost 500 bucks! What were they thinking. I love my Koobas but this is incredibly ugly to me.

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  2. those bows are a little tacky...
  3. I love that bag but not for the same price as leather that's for sure.
  4. $500 for that? I've been turned off of Kooba ever since I learned their bags used to be made in Italy for half the price. Now it's China for double. This consumer doesn't have to buy into that game, and this is even worse.
  5. Ugh! Gives me yet another reason to hate Kooba.
  6. Oh not...not for $500 what are they thinking ??
  7. WOW I paid less than that for my all LEATHER Kooba bag I bought from Eluxury!!! SIGH, That is crazy!