Efashionhouse - Entire Store is Extra 25% off

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  1. I got an email from efashionhouse yesterday saying they were taking an extra 25% off the entire store...just for fun.

    coupon code was justforfun.
  2. Wow- that's a great sale!! Do they sell authentic?
  3. Yes they sell authentic...but in the email it also says ALMOST everything is 25% off. There are some exceptions and when you click on descriptions there will be a disclaimer saying no further discounts are available on that item..I checked and the Chloe paddingtons are not discounted further...but everything else I looked at was on sale..
  4. Good find.
  5. I just took advantage of the discount and bought a white blondie gucci bag for less than $500! wooo-hooo!
  6. That's awesome!!! Me too. I bought the Celine boogie bag. It was so much less than in stores.

    although the Chloe paddingtons aren't an extra 25% off they seem to be much cheaper than on all of the other sites that sell AUTHENTIC goods.
  7. Yes. I wouldn't have posted the sale if they didn't. I don't believe in fakes! And their prices are good too.

  8. oooooh, thithi congrats! please post pics when you get her!!!!
  9. How long is this promotion lasting for??
  10. Thanks BooYah! It's the white shoulder bag with the blue and red webbing. Perfect for me because I don't like carrying the bowlers. BTW, I've seen your bags and they're gorgeous!!

    kattiepie I think the sale goes on until the end of today? She sent out an email earlier today that said it was ending soon.
  11. Are you sure they're authentic. I heard the opposite
  12. That's what I thought too, Fortheluvofbags. I looked through there, and some of the bags looked kinda fishy!
  13. I believe if you check in the authenticate this! forum you'll see several posts saying that they're authentic. When Anna confirmed my purchase, she mentioned that his was originally her daughter's bag. In any case, I'll posts pics for all to see but I doubt it'll be fake. Anna is also a member of tPF.
  14. Oh okay :smile: Sorry!
  15. I think there is a site called efashionstore that is fake, thus the confusion.
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