Edith Wallet@ Nordies $194

  1. Hey all, I put a Mais edith wallet on hold(under Ali) @ Nordies Topanga great price! Hurry someone get it:818-884-7900:tup:
  2. have you run across any Whiskey wallets?
  3. Yeah, they had one in the back so I grabbed it:nuts: (it matches my edith and tracy)!!! They may have more have an SA do a check for you....
  4. Thanks, I'll call them!
  5. uh oh Mona better not call you may stray off of your BAN:p.... that wallet was my absolute last purchase:yes:I need to get a hold of myself and stop buying all these damn bags:lecture:!!!
  6. I know but I am still itching for a wallet and shoes to match my edith bags!