edith takes a bath

  1. So...I take my edith on vacation. It's wonderful! a great carry on bag and a fantastic tote around town (I alternated with my mini paddy to keep my arm from getting sore).

    well...one day the weather called for rain. Since I was planning to visit the chloe store that morning I decided to bring my edith and got a little more dressed up than I normally would. the skies are overcast but not threatening, so I figure I'm good.

    5 minutes after I leave the hotel there is a horrible downpour and the wind is so bad my umbrella breaks! edith (naked and untouched by applegard) is soaked! I might as well have thrown her in the Hudson river. well, I kept going all morning (even though i looked like something the cat dragged in) in and out of shops. edith continued to get baptized everytime i went in and out of a store. I was pretty zen about the whole thing- she was wet and there really wasn't a thing to be done about it.

    I got back to the hotel at noon propped her up on a table. left again with DH and mini. by the time we got back later that evening edith was almost dry and...NOT ONE SPOT! I couldn't believe it. nothing. It's like it never happened. yay for edith! she's a sturdy girl!
  2. Amazing!!
    Great story, and good to know, you may have saved some people from future heart attacks ;)
  3. whew! glad it turned out okay. good info to know.
  4. Great (but traumatic!) report and outcome! Congrats for both you and Edith making it thru the experience!!!
  5. Awesome!!! I was traumatized by a single rain drop that "stained" my bag. After 6 hours the spot was still there but I'm wondering now if she would have eventually dried out. I swear it was a mutant, toxic rain drop!
  6. ^^daisy, I was thinking of you when the first raindrops hit poor edith. she looked like a dalmatian! but then the rain just kept getting heavier and pretty soon she was just plain old wet! Perhaps it was better she got soaked through and through rather than just a few spots? I kept flipping her around so each side would get equally soaked.
  7. :lol: LOL Winona - saving us from heart attacks! :biggrin:

    All of my Chloe bags have been sprinkled on without incident except for my tan Paddington. The leather on that one is super porous and when it gets wet I have to stretch the leather or it will water spot.
  8. ^^ LOL! I am so relieved to know that my poor Edith may survive a rain storm...I am always the one who gets stuck in a downpour..the worst luck! Thanks for letting us know.I feel much better knowing!!!
  9. Wow, what a good story. I'm so scared of getting something on my Edith(s) - I have been living in fear of spring showers...
  10. Mercer, happened to me too! The sprinklers went off quite suddenly and totally drenched my grey girl - not a spot on her later on!
  11. My whiskey Edith got a few sprinkles on her, but you would never even know. Daisy, I think your spot was some freak accident...I have not had any problems yet. But I am glad you were able to stretch it out!
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