Edith - Coco color or Whiskey?

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  1. I've pre-ordered the Edith in Coco (distressed leather???) because that's the only color I could find to pre-order in. But initally I wanted the "Whiskey" color.
    Now i'm unsure - which color compliments the bag better? Which would be more useful?

    f.y.i.~ I have dark brown hair & a chocolate lab retriever!!!:love:

  2. I *really* love the coco color and I have enough chocolate bags. That picture is TDF! Love the leather, the distressing, EVERYTHING! This might be just the bag to use my NM gift card toward.
  3. Actually, both colours are incredible! It would be very difficult for me to choose too and I think are very classic colours. So, congrats on pre-ordering the choc! I think you'll love it.
  4. I like the chocolate more than the whiskey now. It is such a rich color!
  5. I've really adored the whiskey,but now I think that the chocolate looks better...:love: ...it's a personal choice!! I think that the whiskey is *slightly* more versatile,in that I don't tend to wear chocolate bags with all black...but it's a personal matter.

  6. [​IMG]

    ^^smaller photo (sorry the page wouldn't let me edit it!)
  7. [​IMG]

    (so they can be side by side..)
  8. I want both!!:nuts:
  9. chocolate...it's actually making me re-think my grey.
  10. I am loving that chocolate! If I saw a picture of it, I'd probably go for it over the whiskey!
  11. Okay so I just ordered a Whisky too!!!! It seems like people that do are getting their orders canceled - but i'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

    I still don't know which one I like the best!
  12. BTW~ NM checkout page said that shipping for the Whiskey would be no later than April 3rd!!!!!!!
  13. I hear you. I pre-ordered a few different colors just so I can choose which one I want best. I know that sounds crazy. :shame:
  14. OMG! Quirky, you and I are on the same boat--I want both! Beauxgoris, I'm afraid I won't be of any help here--I'm finding it hard to choose just one. I don't even have the whiskey yet but now I want the chocolate, too.
  15. coco is much prettier IMO