Ecclestone Sisters

  1. She had trouble wit' her Very Mix's.... lol...

    I don't know about a fake pair.... but she had posted on twitter about her Very Mix's cuttin' her.... and then posted another pic of the damage... I must say.... if Louboutins were the star of a horror flick.... that pic would be the cover poster.... it was a bloody mess... lol....
  2. There's another daughter???
  3. ^^ Yep there is another daughter from Bernie's first marriage in the 50's. Her name is Deborah. I have read somewhere Bernie doesn't have much of a relationship with Deborah. That's a shame if true.
  4. If you saw those 3 episodes it doesn't seem like he has much of a relationship with Tamara and Petra either.

    I heard everything was under their mothers name, because they never thought they'd get divorced, i think that's why Tamara and Petra get so much stuff and $
  5. Petra wearing Mary Katrantzou for a magazine story.

  7. Love the dress! She looks great.
  8. imo Petra photographs beautifully while Tamara looks better on her show than in photos, i dont think she photographs well for some reason ..
    to me, Petra didnt look as pretty as Tamara on the show, but in photos she looks gorgeous
  9. Petra is weird looking [to me], I think Tamara has way better features.
  10. ^ I don't think the Barbie doll hair extensions best suit her.
  11. I don't think that is a flattering pic of Petra.
  12. Again, those people in the DM comments seem just mean!

    Is there anyone who can tell me that if he/she had all these money, he/she would live in a dump, buy clothes from cheap stores and use the bus???? Please!!!

    People are bashing them for being "immature" and "spoilt", while they wish (and I firmly belive that) that they could live this life just for a day!!! We tend to negatively criticize what we can not have, just because we're jealous.

    I admit it! I am jelous of their lifestyle! I'd like to have their money! BUT I'm happy with what I have and I do not consume myself in criticizing people who are richer than me!!!

    I've watched only 2 episodes of Tamara's show (will watch the 3rd one when I find the time) and she came through as really down-to-earth, in my opinion. Sure, she lives a great life, she can go to a store and buy everything she desires without looking at the pricetag, but at the same time she raises money for a good cause. I know a lot of people who are considered "rich" but they are no-where near as rich as Tamara's and Petra's family is, yet they are WAAAY more spoilt, selfish and flashy.
  13. Yea I think some people def. bash for how they live their lifestyle. I dont mind it, I think they are really funny actually and I love the show...I think Bernie is way off base when he complains about them, he bought tamara that really expensive painting that she appeared to hate. Why would he buy something like that? bc he doesnt know his daughters and he's used to buying their affection with gifts. They may not be my style of dressing but I still find them really amusing and im super jealous of their accents.

  14. Hahaha!!! Me too! Tamara (whom I see and hear more on the show) has a great british accent! English isn't my native language, so I remember my english teachers trying to make us learn the proper english accent. I think that's what they were trying to achieve!!!!