eBay UK rule about not shipping abroad?

  1. Is that true? :confused1:

    I just asked a member of eBay UK whether she would ship the item to me in Germany. She answered "Sorry, but I can't do that as I'm not allowed to. It's eBay's rule, not mine"..... I'm absolutely confused, especially since I mainly buy from eBay UK and never ever heard of such a thing?

    Can anyone clarify that for me?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. eh? don't think that can be right ! is she a new seller and ever so slightly confused or something??
  3. not really ... she's been a member for 2 years and has over 100 feedback :shrugs:
  4. I have never heard of that, you can post worldwide by ticking the box on the listing, perhaps she just did not want to post their, very confusing......
  5. I've asked her a while ago about another listing and she told me that she wasn't sure whether I was allowed to buy it from abroad, but if eBay lets me bid it she'd be more than happy to ship to Germany, so I really don't know :shrugs:

    I remember a while ago, eBay changed some rules regarding designer items that you only were allowed to list it on your own country site or something like that ... maybe there's a connection with that rule :confused1:
  6. When I have bought makeup from Ebay I have seen in some seller listings that they cannot ship to Germany because of some German rule about certain items coming into the country or something.
    Maybe this seller has read something similar and thinks that it applies to everything:confused1:
  7. Very puzzling indeed.:confused1: I know different countries have different import rules and limits to what can be sent in the mail but doesn't that tend to be live things and certain foods? I've certainly posted a piece of jewellery to Munich without a moment's thought. Maybe ask for clarification of the rule so you can check it out on Ebay's oh-so-hard-to-navigate policies pages?
  8. yup, that's what I just did .... I'll let you know if I get an answer :yes:

    I also read that make-up rule and that seems even weirder to me, since there's no customs involved when shipping from UK to Germany :shrugs: I just got Too Faced Lipgloss from the US and that went through customs (they always put this green "customs cleared" sticker on the package) and even had written Make Up (Lipgloss) written on the customs form :confused1: ... no problem at all
  9. i asked a seller regarding a blk epi speedy , great price great condition, about shipping to america and he gave me the same runaround. that they are not allowed.

    what the heck is up with that? and how would ebay even know? unless there was a claim.
  10. not happy about this.

    its funny, kittie, i dont think of you as abroad for england. guess you are though.
  11. not happy about this.

    its funny, kittie, i dont think of you as abroad for england. guess you are though..
  12. Hi, i don't think there is a restriction to posting abroad. In the past, when I was in Japan I bought a LV from this seller rebeccalou28 in UK.

    Now, she is doing well. Check her items, really satisfied to me.

  13. I am still sending abroad...really dont know what she means!
  14. Curiouser and curiouser (said Alice) - do let us know when you do.
  15. that isnt true...Ive never heard anything like it. :smile: