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  1. i know that some of you guys are eBay geniuses.. what are the keyword do you search for on eBay? is there a particular method you do? or do you just search for "louis vuitton"? i shouldn't be looking at buying more, but no harm in asking right? :sweatdrop:

    many thanks. :nuts:
  2. I wouldn't search just for "Vuitton", coz 99 percent of the results are fake. I usually search for "vuitton auth*" - still too many fakes, but definitely more manageable :yes:
  3. I think searching for "vuitton" is too overwhelming. I try to limit my search to a specific bag or style (e.g., "vuitton damier"). Or I do a keyword search to find certain sellers, such as "vuitton (mprs,alva,lvlu)", making sure I am checking both title and description.
  4. I key in "vuitton" and then the style of the bag I want (ex: vuitton noe).:smile:
  5. If I am looking for a particular bag, I do what Irene does.

    If I have some time and I am just *cruising* eBay, I check the "search title AND description" box and use either "my poupette" or "mypoupette", so I could at least rule out most of the fakes.

    If I have a ton of time, then I search either "authentic louis vuitton" or "auth louis vuitton," and slowly, but surely, weed through the fakes.
  6. I look through all the listings with "Vuitton" in the title, even the ones from foreign countries. It's time consuming, but meh, that's the price to pay for bargain shopping !
  7. I search for "louis vernis" because I'm looking for vernis bags, and sometimes I get a good deal on ones who spelled vuitton wrong :biggrin:
  8. one up to title and description, click advanced, then halfway down the advance page click "items located in" and then click "anywhere any region" or something along those lines, U get more because all ebay listings from around the world are included.
  9. I usually type in "vuitton" and then something else, depending on what I'm looking for, like "epi" or "alma" or "damier" or "mat" or some combination thereof. I also sort the list by "Price - highest first," because that tends to weed out the fakes, too, if you start out looking at the most expensive items. (It doesn't eliminate the fakes altogether, of course, but it weeds most of them out.)
  10. i do that too :yes:. also, some sellers don't put the word 'louis' in their titles, so if you search for 'louis vuitton something-or-other' you'll miss out on the auctions that just have 'vuitton something-or-other' in the titles

    if you just search for 'louis vuitton' or 'vuitton' you'll end up with tens of thousands of results :lol:
  11. I usually do a search for louis vuitton and then the style. I also will try variations of the spelling (for example...people don't spell graffiti right all of the time).
    I don't enclose them in ""
    I'm going to try just louis + style now and see what happens!
  12. Same here.. (Vuitton and the name of the line)..like Vuitton graffiti or Vuitton cherry blossom.
  13. cool! thanks guys.. will try it tonight, i should be working and the moment, but pfft.. as if you do if you can read this forum :smile:
  14. Same here. :yes:

  15. Yeah what Irene does. Lately I've been doing lotsa this: hermes birkin ------ DANGEROUS :graucho: :upsidedown: