EBAY scam!!!

  1. Hey gals,

    I listed an item for sale yesterday and a new user signed up yesterday, did the BIN today and sent me the following email:

    "Thank you so much for your understanding and honesty,i have already ended the auction so i will be responsible for the pick up of the item to the United Kingdom.
    This means the payment of the money order that will be issue and send to you will include cost of the item plus shipping .
    My client has said he will not be able to raise another money order for shipping, that is why he will be including both the cost of the item and shipping so as soon as you get the money order is to cash the money order and decuct the price for the sales of your item and the left over will be sent wire transfer via Western Union Money transfer to the shipping agency ,kindly send me the below information of yours to mail out the money order asap
    TEL #
    With the above information my client will be able to issue out the money order and send it to your address once you provide your address in your next mail

    I am so mad but I don't know what to do.. :hysteric: What should I do now since the user is not a registered user anymore?
    Does anyone know how I can relist my item again without getting charged a relisting fee?
  2. forward this email to ebay...or try the live help/chat section..

    That is frustrating:cursing:
  3. How does this scam work? I understand you lost out on selling an item ... I had one guy bugging me forever to send him my address so he could send me a money order, which I still have not seen. I am wondering now if I got scammed in some way by giving him my name and address?
  4. Thanks never-enough-lv, I've contacted ebay and told them about that email and they can't do anything about it since the user is no longer registered, but I was able to relist the sale.

    Travelbug- I'm not sure how this scam works but I'm guessing that since my listing was for paypal only and the user emailed me directly to my hotmail account with this "story", thinking that I might just give him my information, mail the item and the check would not go through. Something doesn't sound right when the user, regedy021 registered on 10.22, used the BIN on 10.23 and now is no longer registered on ebay. He then emails me with this personal email addy regedy21@yahoo.co.uk as teresa milan but the location of his ebay account (when he was still registered) was in ME, U.S and name was regedy

    I'm sorry to hear about your mishap. =( Have u shipped the buyer the item ?
  5. No I haven't sent out anything. That was the weird thing. This 'potential buyer' is new and has 0 feedback too, but he is still 'registered'. S/He emailed me regarding an item I was listing and asked for my address so s/he could send me a money order. I said, OK, buy the item first, and you would get my mailing info for sending money order and I don't ship until all funds are cleared. Nothing. A month later, s/he emailed me again, begged to have my address and I told him the same thing. Another month went by and s/he begged me again! My business partner had talked to this person before obviously but he is overseas and has left everything to me. My business partner said there is nothing to lose, just send them the address so I did. And I have not received anything from them. That's so strange. Now I wonder if that person was trying to scam me someway by having my name and address??? I don't know. There are lots of weirdos out there.
  6. Everyone check out this thread on the Ebay Message boards...heavy discussion about this scam...Its listed under the Trust and Safety section with the title of:

    Reports of a Counterfeit Cashier’s Check Scheme