Ebay Said My Chanel Pumps Are Fake!!!

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm so mad right now. I posted my chanel pumps about a day ago and everything was going fine. Today, when I came back to read the description again to see how specific it is. I, then, decided to revised a little bit. When I clicked on the submit button, Ebay said that my pumps are fake and will not post it!!!! arggggggg...It is brand new that I bought it at Nordstrom Rack. The price tag even has the Nordstrom Rack sticker on it. What should I do?!?!?! please help...
  2. What was the exact eBay message you got? I've not heard of this before. I've seen the warning messages where they say make sure what you are listing is authentic
  3. Hey Mooks,
    Well, after talking to the live customer service representative, they told me that there was a selling limit on my account because I am a new customer. It didn't help when I was trying to add in some more pictures and more description to it. they told me to send trust and safety an email so I did. I guess all I can do now is to wait...can't you tell I'm a newbie to the Ebay community? :shame:
  4. We all had to learn at some point. I've been an eBayer for 7 years so there isn't much I haven't come across :smile:

    Do you have a credit card on your account?
  5. I have paypal and a credit card on my account..is that bad to have a credit card on my account? :hrmm:...?
  6. No, I just thought that maybe you didn't have a card on there and that's why they were causing you problems
  7. ;) thank god...wow Mook, 7 years on ebay..Gosh, How do you deal with stupid sellers who don't read the description..I'm a newbie..and I already hate some sellers with silly question..I can't imagine going for 7 years on ebay..:woohoo:
  8. It sometimes makes me want to cry!! Honestly, some of the things people come out with makes you wonder how they function as human beings......
  9. tell me about it! don't leave out the weirdos/pervs on ebay either...I sold a couple pairs of shoes with pictures of me modeling the shoes..and guess what ?!?! haha the emails I get for having nice feet..and wanting more pictures of it..it grosses me out .:yucky:
    I was thinking of selling more stuffs on ebay..but after this..I don't know if I should...
  10. Oh I've had the feet ones too!! There's some sicko whack jobs on eBay!!

    Trust me once that money starts rolling in you'll like the idea of it, be brave ;)
  11. I get annoying questions
    in my listing "I have used this".
    Question from seller : Is this item new or used.
  12. I get those ALL the time and the ones saying "When you say authentic do you mean genuine?"
  13. haha, you gals are too funny and sweet! :cutesy:Yes, hopefully, the money will make it worth sticking around...we'll see :girlsigh: