Ebay removed my Coach listings!

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  1. I was trying to sell a couple of bags and a pair of shoes (that I purchased directly from Coach) on ebay... A few days later, ebay removed my listings! I called them and they said that Coach monitors ebay for counterfeit merchandise and trademark violations. They said if Coach asks them to remove listings then they have to do it. What the heck?! Has this ever happened to anyone?

  2. Did you use any stock Coach photos? I find it hard to believe Coach directly would contact Ebay considering how many fakes are sold on there all the time!
  3. No, I used my own photos. I really don't understand why they are picking me out. I don't go to the outlet and buy things specifically to resell like most of the listings I see.

    Do any of the other selling sites do this, too?
  4. From my understanding the only way your listings get removed is when someone reports it to Ebay and then they get involved. If it is happening a lot to your listings I would bet it's someone who is also selling bags and is reporting yours to get them cancelled.
  5. That is awful, I'm sorry it happened to you. May I ask what style bags they were?
  6. They limit the number that you can sell maybe?
  7. Someone that doesn't know what they're looking at must have reported your listings, which would infuriate me. Ebay needs to spend more time going after sellers of counterfeit items and leave the rest of us alone.
  8. So true, I reported a Seller who was shill bidding and her listing is still up and running.
  9. I recommend you post pictures of the bags and their creeds here: http://forum.purseblog.com/coach-shopping/authenticate-this-coach-694619.html#post19464109

    Once the pictures are posted and the bags are confirmed as authentic, we can advise you on what to do next.
  10. This happened to me with a pair of Ugg boots. I had bought them for my mum from the Ugg shop, she had worn them once, not found them comfortable so I put them on ebay. They went unsold (BIN) twice, and on the 3rd time, I had offers, then ebay removed it saying that Ugg had checked the auctions on ebay and asked for mine to be removed. I got nowhere with them, even when I explained and said I could send them my credit card statement with the purchase on it. (I no longer had the receipt). They just didn't care.
    In the end I sold them at a clothes agency.
    Hope you can get something sorted!
  11. Coach has done this before with authentic items. Read this story, about a woman who used to work there and was selling a bag she had bought with her employee discount. Ebay pulled her ad, and she even got a threatening letter from Coach's law firm.

  12. ^Wow. A good read. Really outrageous these days with Fleabay.
  13. Thanks for the link to the article. I hope she wins!

    I have loved Coach and ebay for years, but I think both relationships are over now. I am not a criminal and refuse to be treated like one!
  14. I just joined so this is a late reply. We have the same problems and it stinks! We triple check items for authenticity & on occasion, ours gets pulled. Last one was a CHI Flat Iron. Since it hurts sellers, it would be nice to get an email notification you have 12 hours or something to remove the item before it's pulled. GRR