eBay relisting

  1. Hi~
    I have a couple of questions...
    First I have a few items that didnt sell. And in the Unsold items list it says some of the items have watchers. Does that mean that's how many watcher there were at auctions end, or that there are still people with the item in their watch list?

    My second questions, is how long do you have to relist an item and still get the refunded listing fees if the item sells?

    Thanks so much everyone!
  2. I've noticed when an item ended and had three watchers, a week later when I checked my unsold items there were still two watchers, and when I went to relist a couple of weeks later there were none. So if your unsold item has watchers, I think it means they are still watching the item, maybe because they're hoping you will relist.

    If my memory has it right, you have 90 days in which to relist and claim a credit for the initial listing fee.
  3. That sounds right to me.....
  4. ok, thanks for the help!