ebay problem 10/28 auctions not showing up

  1. i thought i would let people know that currently eBay is experiencing technical difficulties in regards to their new auction updates to their databases.

    i listed something this morning, and i still cant find it when i use the search bar and enter key words and whatnot. i contacted live help 3 times, and just got word that it's a technical issue they're aware of and in the process of fixing. it sucks for us sellers, as our items wont be listed on ebays site as long as the duration of the auction we have paid for....the good news is, eBay is aware of it now...

    thought i would pass the word, if any of you have recently listed items today, and haven't had any watching/bidding/viewing activities...
  2. uugh im pretty sure they won't credit sellers in anyway eBay is a greedy :rant:
    Thanks for letting us know
  3. yes, im sure they wont...it's really been dissapointing the new wait times they've been having with auctions you submit....why should we have to pay for a seven day auction, when it takes at least half a day to get the auctions on their system...grrrr....i feel your anger!

    nice to know that at least this time it's a bug, and not ebay being a bigger pain than usual though.
  4. I went through that on Friday and contacted them-it wasnt even a designer handbag that I was listing but a doll-and it took about 12 hours to show up.
  5. It always takes about 12 to 15 hours for my listings to show up.
  6. Wow, I have never had any listings take quite THAT long! I can't imagine why they wouldn't show up right away! It isn't a 'batch' system, it is a 'realtime' system. Or maybe the listings ARE 'batch'. hmmmmm, never thought of that before. Bottom line is, whatever the delay is should be fixed! What on earth does ebay DO with all that MONEY we give them!???
  7. I should have specified, this is designer items that are delayed like this. I assume or read they have an approval/authentication process that they do causing the delay.