Ebay Pics of Navy Cabas (not my auction)

  1. that's gorgeous... looks like the color of my ritz... alas i'm still waiting for my preordered khaki
  2. Nice. :smile:
  3. It's interesting, but I don't like it as much as the teal or white.
  4. Beautiful. I bet it's gorgeous IRL.:love:
  5. wow...people sure dont mind pay WAY over retail for a bag thats still available with a little search!
  6. Actually 2100 isnt that bad..I paid over 1900 with tax for my baby cabas at NM....
    I prefer black to blue..Im just a plain jane..LOL
  7. wow, the navy is really gorgeous!!
  8. That color does look like the navy color of the Ritz. Pretty nice, but I think I still prefer bronze more. I wonder if it's because of the distressed leather texture that makes it less attractive to me. Is that distressed leather kinda like the distressed leather of the Modern Chain Line?
  9. i know i'm waiting for the khaki like really impatiently now. i saw a teal baby cabas at the boutique but that color didnt call out to me at all. the navy blue is such a beautiful rich color though. if i didn't order the khaki and saw the blue, i would probably have a tough choice.
  10. I love the color, how fun!
  11. Roey:
    Thanks for posting! that is a gorgeous color.
    Good luck in Arizona in the next phase of your life!
  12. The actual color is hard to capture, but I would say that it is closer to the first auction (the RJC one) posted. In the light, or with a flash the color looks like personalshoppers pics. I got the bag today, and am having a difficult time getting the true color on camera. I will post in the reference folder, though.

  13. Wow, the RJC one is pretty dark in the pic, almost like black!

    Where did you get yours? NM?