Ebay/Paypal Shipping Question

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  1. I usually ship USPS Priority Mail through Paypal for my auction items, but I have a buyer who wants their item shipped Express Mail and a new invoice. I don't remember if Paypal has an Express Mail option on their dropdown menu for USPS, I just remember first class, Priority, and parcel post.

    Since they haven't paid yet, I can't get into the shipping section of Paypal to check.

    Does anyone know if I have that option, or do I need to go down to the post office?

  2. I would just find out the cost to ship express then cancel the first invoice and send another with the new shipping on.
  3. Express is VERY pricey!
    Do you print your own postage, is that what you're asking? If you can print postage for Express?
  4. I'm going to do that, but I don't know if express shipping is an option on Paypal - I want to just ship from Paypal, b/c it is easier to keep shipping records that way, rather than going down to the post office, standing in line, and paying there.
  5. Yes, I was wondering if I can pay and print postage through Paypal, just as I would Priority or 1st class postage.
  6. I don't recall seeing the Express mail option under PayPal either. Like Swanky said, it is very pricey. And it has special taping. You sure don't want it be overlooked by post office and mixed it with other regular mail.

    If you want to accommodate buyer's request, looks like you will have to go to the post office and mail it in person. Of course, you could check the rate from USPS online (when you know the weight and the shipping zip code) and send the buyer a new invoice. You could use Standard Flat Rate for the new postage in your invoice. And, don't forget, USPS now charges higher rate to bigger boxes. Last time I had to pay $6 extra than what I charged for shipping. :cry:
  7. Thanks lovemyangels!
  8. When shipping Express print your labels through the USPS website, your buyer can be notified like with paypal and it's considerably cheaper!
    USPS offers an online discount.

  9. Oh I see - sorry.

    I have never printed shipping so that ones new to me.:confused1:
  10. PayPal does have USPS Express shipping option.
  11. Thanks! I found it once she paid me and I was able to get into the shipping options.
  12. express mail is no big deal, it should be listed right there, just make sure she pays you the extra amount (it's pretty significant)
  13. i think you can get a flat rate express mail envelope for $16.25, and it includes insurance/tracking. the funny thing is, in some cases, it's not much more to send express ( after you add up cost of priority mail + insurance + confirmation)