Ebay Patchwork help please! Are these real?

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  1. they look good to me. I've sen them IRL and they appear authentic.Her auction started today and ends on Tuesday. People usually wait b4 bidding, so i am quite sure that her auction will have bids later on.
  2. Ohhh, thanks! SO then I should wait to bid also, or just bid really high right now? I'm willing to pay like $250.00, but that's it. Should I just bid that right now or wait?

    Sorry, I'm an eBay virgin.
  3. just wait until last minutes.. because if you bid now, that will trigger many other bidders and the price will go up really quick just my two cents.
  4. NEVER put in a high bid right at the beginning of an auction! Why do you think experienced bidders wait until the last few minutes to bid?

    Also keep one IMPORTANT thing in mind - this is a brand new seller with NO track record. This auction only has Paypal coverage up to $200, if you bid $250 and it's fake EVEN IF you pay by Paypal and EVEN IF you can prove to Paypal that it's fake, you still lose that other 50 dollars. And unless you pay through Paypal wih a credit card you could lose the entire amount.

    You need to learn how to bid smartly before jumping in with your eyes closed. Almost all of the bidders who get cheated by people selling fakes are new bidders.

    And remember something else - it doesn't matter WHEN you put in a bid, it's the highest bid that wins.
  5. OK, thanks guys for all of your help. I think I will bid on them, I asked my sister and she said that they looked real and shes usually pretty good at stuff like that. I'm going to wait and see what happens though, I'm excited!
Thread Status:
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