Ebay or Consignment?

  1. Hi,
    My friend has a large BV Veneta that she would like to sell because she just doesn't use it enough to justify keeping it. She has been debating whether to consign it to AFF or to eBay it. Because she knows that I am a member of tPF, she asked me to ask you ladies on which is the better route to go.

  2. I think it depends on her abilities to list - and experience with eBay. If she can take really good pics, then she should totally do it herself. If not, then sometimes a good listing and an OK listing can be hundreds of dollars in difference. Either way, though, she should figure out how much she's expecting before deciding to part...
  3. We were discussing this today and I believe she is expecting around $900 for it. She has a eBay account, but is not very high rated, only a few small purchases. She has never sold anything either.
  4. what is the consignment store you mentioned? How much do they charge? thanks!
  5. AFF is Ann's Fabulous Finds. I believe you receive 60% after shipping and etc. Also, the bag is white.
  6. There are also a few consignors on Ebay that do a good job with BV. Some charge only 25% or less
  7. Ohhh, can you recommend a few? You could list them here or pm them to me, that would be great.
  8. how do you find them?
  9. Well there are more for LV's, but for BV's I think there are still a few MPRS that do BV's too. Most recently I've seen Patina Consignments (consignlv.com) and a few ISoldIts sell BVs. Not sure on their pricing, though. I still think best to sell yourself if possible as commission can get kind of high but there are some out there that don't charge as much... Fashionphile, *Patina* and Luxuriana are probably the most well known for LVs. I think they all charge around 25%
  10. Theresa from *Patina* is super nice to work with! I am in the process of buying a wallet from her -- highly recommend!